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A Guide for Selecting a Bunk Bed

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Kids love bunk beds. They evoke a sense of adventure with their loft appearance and promote a child's affection for climbing. Parents love them because they save space, presenting the opportunity to put multiple beds in the smallest areas.

Parents have to be practical when selecting a bunk bed. Despite the joy they bring to children, parents need to create safe environments. Fortunately, advancements in bunk bedding promise not just safety, but storage, style fitting a range of tastes, and special features and accessories that can make a bunk bed as unique and personalized as furniture gets.

On the other hand, all these options only gives parents that many more choices to consider, creating a daunting task.

We suggest you start with a look at your living space. While bunk beds are a consideration for a home with multiple children and small areas, newer designs in these products offer opportunities for larger spaces. So measure both the size of your floor and the height to the ceiling. It's advised at least two feet of space be allowed between the top bunk and the ceiling to avoid accidents.

With your space defined, consider your needs. Today, bunk beds have a range of designs that extend beyond the traditional twin-over-twin. There are twin-over-full, lofted beds, products that come with work centers and pieces such as under bed trundles that accommodate three occupants, handy if you have enough children or expect sleepovers. Factor in circumstances specific to the children. Younger children may require storage for toys, which may mean pull-out drawers or other storage utilities. Older children may need space to do homework, which might mean a desk.

Bunk beds should come with guardrails. Mattresses should never be the wrong size, larger or smaller, as that could lead to mishaps. Also, when choosing a bunk bed, go for the most sturdy material your budget can afford. Kids put a lot of stress on furnishings. You want something that will hold up, especially a ladder, as the children grow. You want headboards and foot-boards as they play a large part in the bed's stability.

Features should be selected based on the age of the children while also keeping in mind they will be using these beds for what could be years. A five year old might appreciate a slide, but it's less likely a 10 year old will. Whether it's play areas, work centers, slides, tents, etc., try to get a flexible product that can be easily upgraded when the time comes.

A few last rules to follow after you've chosen a bunk bed. Sufficient space is always going to be important. Never put the bed against a window or under a fixture like a light or fan. Children should be able to sit up in the upper bunk. That's why it's advised smaller children get the upper bunk despite the argument that will ensue over it.

eFurnitureHouse.com can help you make informed decisions about bunk beds, and provide prompt delivery once we've determined your needs, making your shopping a stress free and safe process in every way.

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