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Chic Storage Beds To Fit Your Style

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Are you considering adding extra space to your bedroom with a storage bed? Both an everyday necessity and a statement of personal style, the bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom. In small spaces or room that lack adequate closet space, storage beds are a sought-after and practical solution. These convenient and brilliantly designed pieces of furniture are available in chic designs that fit any décor and sizes that fit any person.

Choosing and purchasing a storage bed is a simple process. Becoming familiar with the various options can help you choose a bed with drawers that combine extra storage space with an undeniable element of style. 

Modern Storage Bed

A low profile storage bed is a modern option that works well with minimalist décor or industrial spaces. These beds typically offer two drawers at the foot of the bed, so be sure to measure the space and make allowances for the drawers so there’s plenty of room to open them completely. Rooms that have a focus wall may not require a headboard. Consider a low profile headboard for this type of space to maximize the drama of an interesting wall.

Low Platform Bed with drawers

Wood Storage Bed

A traditional bed with storage may have a sleigh or panel style of headboard. Wood platform beds with drawers also offer classic designs with a modern twist featuring cleaner lines for a simpler look. With drawers on the sides, this type of bed does a great job of making good use of the space under the bed that either goes unused or is a catchall for clutter and dust bunnies. Maximizing unused space is a smart move, especially in bedrooms with cramped closets.   

Bed with Drawers

Upholstered Storage Bed

A tufted storage bed adds an element of Old Hollywood glamour to any bedroom. This type of bed is a great option for people who like to read or watch television in bed due to its soft and cushioned surface. An upholstered storage bed also adds a layer of decadence to a bedroom that encourages lounging and relaxing. The storage space is usually at the foot of the bed, the drawers offer nearly hidden storage that’s perfect for shoes, off-season clothing, and extra supplies. 

             Upholstered Bed with Drawers

For Girl’s Room

A white twin bed with storage is a great option for a girl’s room. Easy to integrate into nearly any style of décor, this option is compact, comfortable, and gives her plenty of room to stash her most important things.

As kids grow and change, so do their tastes. It’s smart to invest in a twin bed with drawers that not only offers extra storage, but also fits in with her changing interests and ideas. Keeping a child’s bedroom functional, practical, and fun as they grow up is a challenge. A twin bed with storage is a smart solution. 

Twin Bed with Storage


For Boy’s Room

A twin storage bed may have drawers on the sides under the mattress, on the end at the foot of the bed, or even in a bench integrated into the bed-frame. Younger kids will love the extra storage space for toys and games. As they get older, they’ll appreciate having a place to keep their electronics organized and out of harm’s way.

Twin Bed with Drawers

Twin beds with drawers are a great option for growing boys who need a place to store off-season clothing and sports equipment, or just to reduce the visual clutter enough to keep their parents happy.

Storage beds were invented because people need safe, convenient, and smart storage for their things. Not every house or apartment has huge closets and ample room to spread out. Chic storage beds help keep important items organized, out of the way, and easy to find without compromising style and comfort.

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