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Let the Depth, Complexity, and Warmth of Marsala Add A Sophisticated Touch to Your Outdoor Furniture Set

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Marsala... Most often associated as a type of wine used for both drinking and cooking, it is typically produced from a few varieties of both white and red grapes. When produced from red grapes, Marsala wine takes on a deep red hue that helps define its depth and warmth. Marsala also happens to be Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year. For the uninitiated, Pantone is the global standard for color and color systems across a variety of industries, including home furnishing & interior design, fashion design, graphic arts, and marketing.

A very versatile color due to its earthiness, we here at eFurnitureHouse feel the red-brown tones that comprise Marsala can be utilized throughout two seasons, summer and fall. Its depth reminds us just how wonderful sun-ripened, in-season summer fruits can appear (and taste!) while its warmth can be used throughout the fall for when the days are still warm and inviting, yet the nights take on a crispness to them that portends of winter’s impending arrival.

Imagine entertaining guests in your outdoor living space with a modern furniture set, such as our Teak Tropical Alwari Set, part of our Dart Collection, as your focal point. You could let Marsala serve as the accent color for cushions, placemats, or napkins, adding a sophisticated touch to your gathering. But, being a deeper color, Marsala will pair well with a variety of finishes, not just lighter woods. We feel it compliments perfectly with deeper earthtones, such as those featured in our Rattan-styled 5 Piece Glass Top Outdoor Set, and we think you’ll agree!

teak wood outdoor conversation set

Then again, everyone has their own unique styles and preferences, so whether you feel Marsala is worthy of its Color of the Year status or not, one thing’s for certain, eFurnitureHouse has a great selection of discount furniture and affordable home furnishings that is sure to fit any budget! So, grab a glass of Marsala, a nice plate of chicken marsala with some risotto, and shop us today!

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