What is Proposition 65?

California Prop 65 has a list of chemicals and ingredients, many of which are common elements used in the production of modern day furniture such as PVC, wood, dust, brass, and some clear coats.  Contained in the list of elements are common additives that are found in common items such as beauty products, jewelry, lamps, lead crystal glasses, automobiles, ceramic tableware and furniture.   

Particularly for furniture manufacturers, the prop 65 warning is placed on each of their items, due to the possibility that one of the hundreds of elements listed in Proposition 65 can be found in any manufacturers products or packaging. Manufacturers are required to include the proposition 65 warnings on all manufactured products. Additionally, a state required flame-retardant chemical that is found in upholstered foam furniture could be found among the list of chemicals that requires the Proposition 65 warning. Supplying Prop 65 information enables Californians to make informed purchase decisions by informing them to possible exposure to these chemicals.